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So here is the deal…

I have been doing this a long time, so I am comfortable behind the camera and generally comfortable in front of it as well. I think humor is the secret and solution to most problems; let’s laugh at ourselves a bit. You will look better laughing.

My style is what you see here. It isn’t ‘reality’ exactly, but more mood and emotion; I will leave photojournalism for the newspapers.

I have had a hard sarcastic shell for a long time, but I believe in love and togetherness absolutely. Born and raised in Central Virginia, I recently uprooted myself to the Bay Area for love in fact! She managed to soften my hard sarcastic shell – which is maybe a unfortunate way of phrasing things, but you get the picture.  Like many east coast folks, California has long seemed exotic and interesting to me. I think the mix of both worlds informs my work in interesting ways.

If you like what you see, contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for in your photographs. I will make you laugh, feel at ease and hopeful about what we can do together!


Random opinions and thoughts:

·        I think Instagram is great, and a huge tool for inspiration and communication. I also think it can be a black hole of introspection

·        Be in the moment always. Don’t watch a wedding, or your child’s recital through your phone. In most cases, you are not going to watch that video again

·        I love coffee, but it isn’t life and I can function in the morning without it. I mean, c’mon…

·        I love animals, and my children. But both can be a pain in the ass at times, let’s be honest

·        My feelings about god and religion have no place on a business page. Any creative who is posting about such things on their website are selling to you (in my opinion)

·        I think beautiful light is magical, and makes my life easier

o   But buddy, I better be able to create a great image without it!

·        I can be awkward and extra sometimes, don’t take it personally, my grown children can tell you all about it

·        I think the right picture (not necessarily a perfect picture) can bring joy for years

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