Jennifer & Josh's urban wedding at Tredegar

Jennifer and Josh reached out to me kinda late in the game to be honest, for their cool urban wedding at Tredegar Iron Works. And that was fine, not everyone plans their wedding the same way. People are real and real things happen, that’s what I love about people. 

 And when I met them, I felt good immediately about working with them.  They showed me pictures of all the amazing places they have traveled to, the mountains they hiked up, the crazy narrow wooden ledge they walked on that was perched on the face of some cliff in China. They had done things man! 

And they were cool too. (because they wanted to work with me you say? Stop it!) No, they were relaxed and unassuming, and knew what they wanted; which is always refreshing.

 Their wedding was last month and the sky threatened rain the whole day, but never delivered – thank goodness. The setting of Tredegar Iron Works had the entire Richmond skyline as a backdrop. The gloom of the sky simply added drama to the warm reception of friends and family. I have never been happier to meet a couple a month before their wedding. 

 Catering – the always excellent A Sharper Palate

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