Joshua & Daisy Blend | Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden Weddings

I’ve said it before here (or somewhere anyway), I love a second marriage. As a formally married guy, I know that love, marriage, life does not always go as planned or hoped. Don’t we all?

So I believe in second chances, at the opportunity to find love and redemption again. When that second chance involves blending families, even I get the feels. In my experience, the joy of children of different parents bonding with one another is just tremendously life affirming.

Joshua and Daisy did just that last month at the Bloomendaal House at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. This is always a wonderful venue, especially at that time of year. 

Their story is dramatic and inspiring, but it is not for me to share here. Suffice to say that both these people passed through sadness and pain to forge something entirely new and heartwarming. This is part of what marriage is all about, forming something whole out of separate parts. 

Heck, look at them! So much passion and exuberance! 

Venue: Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

DJ: Walter Mitchell

Cake: Candy Valley Cakes