Wedding planning is confusing. Hopefully I have answered some of your questions already, but here are some other common questions I have been asked before. A consultation is the best way to find out more about how I can help though.  


How long before you get your images?

Typically you receive your processed images within a month of your wedding—but times may vary depending on the time of the year and will be communicated well in advance.

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What is your style?

I photograph with a relaxed style, but doesn’t everyone say that these days? What does that mean anyway? It means I am unobtrusive, observant, and respectful. I stand where I am needed, but stay out of the way whenever possible. And I see everything, things you don’t, because you are caught in the whirlwind of the day. I see—and capture—the moments of love, partnership, and emotions that are what your wedding are all about. I let things happen, and step in with kindness and respect to lightly orchestrate small moments to make sure your images are fantastic. Because, even when I am recording the day, it doesn’t hurt to create a heightened version of your wedding images.

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Do you work alone?

I have used assistants in the past when conditions called for it. Not every event needs two photographers, of course. I have a regular photographer I work with and feel it offers more complete coverage, as well as a different viewpoint. As always, contact me and we can discuss the approach that works best for your wedding.